Komalavalli gives PM memorable photos

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PUTRAJAYA: P. Komalavalli fulfilled a life-long wish when she gave Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak two framed photographs of her father posing with Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.

Her father Datuk Ponnusamy Pillai was a former senator and a co-founder of MIC.

Komalavalli was one of the 600 invited guests at a gathering Najib had organised for his online friends at his official residence here yesterday.

Beaming with pride, the 44-year-old company legal and corporate adviser said she had been waiting for years to present the photographs to Najib.

She added that both her father and Abdul Razak, who was the country’s second prime minister and Najib’s father, were close friends.

“My father was also an independence fighter,” she said, adding that Najib seemed surprised and happy to look at the photographs, which were taken in the 1960s.

“The Prime Minister could even identify many of the people in the photographs and he thanked me for bringing them to him,” she added.

Another guest, Tenaga Nasional Bhd employee Hashim Yunus, 51, wanted to personally thank Najib for carrying out the operation to airlift Malaysian students out of Egypt during the demonstrations there earlier this month.

“Both my daughters were stuck in Egypt amid the riots. I’m grateful to the Government for bringing them back safely,” Hashim said.

Hashim, who has a Facebook account, said the Internet is a wonderful technology for communication.

“You’re never too old to own a Facebook or Twitter account. It will help you learn about what’s going on in the world,” he said, adding that he constantly followed Najib’s activities and comments on Face-book.

Sales manager Lee Chin Chow, 41, said the meeting with Najib had boosted her confidence in the Prime Minister’s efforts to realise Vision 2020.

“He is really sincere about connecting with the people. It’s impressive that he makes the effort to answer his tweets and write his own blog entries,” Lee said, adding that she would bring her children to the Prime Minister’s open house programme in the future.

Yesterday’s gathering saw the multi-racial guests sitting together to enjoy the food and have a dialogue with Najib.

The function was also streamed live on Najib’s blog.

According to Najib’s blog, 80,611 people follow the Prime Minister on Twitter while 566,805 people are fans of his Facebook page.

Source : The Star

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