Kalla expresses confidence in Malaysia’s new PM

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Vice President Jusuf Kalla has expressed his confidence in newly appointed Malaysian Prime Minister M. Najib Tun Razak, saying that he is capable of leading the country.

“I am confident that Prime Minister Najib has the capacity to solve various problems, whether they are related to the economy or other matters, considering his extensive experience,” Kalla said at Adi Sumarmo Airport, Surakarta, as quoted by state news agency Antara.

Kalla said he had congratulated Najib, whom he had known for years, in a phone call.

“Indonesia and Malaysia will continue to build closer ties with each other, especially when the two countries are facing tough economic challenges,” he said.

Najib was inaugurated as prime minister on Friday. He replaces Abdullah Badawi, who stood down to quell a corruption scandal.


Source : The Jakarta Post

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