It is rather sly of DAP to try and blame the resurgence of Covid cases on…

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It is rather sly of DAP to try and blame the resurgence of Covid cases on UMNO.

While it is true that Musa Aman led the group that included Sabah state assemblypersons that lost confidence with Warisan’s leadership, Musa never wanted to have a snap state elections to take place as he recognized the danger of Covid.

In fact, he tried to stop the state elections 3 times in court.

Unfortunately he was not successful all 3 times including in his appeal up to the Federal Court.

Although Musa managed to win majority support, Shafie Apdal did not had to dissolve the state assembly and call for state elections – just like how snap elections were not called when Shafie toppled Musa by getting UPKO to jump from BN to Warisan in the year 2018 or how the states of Johor, Melaka, Perak and Kedah had also changed hands this year without the need for a snap elections.

If 5 other states can change hands without a state elections since GE14, why did Sabah have to hold one at the time when Covid was re-emerging there?

If Musa slaps you, is it justification for you to kill your neigbours?

What DAP had failed to point out is that it was the Pakatan Harapan leadership comprising of DAP, PKR and Amanah who had issued a joint statement on 30th July stating they fully spport Shafie to call for snap state elections.

DAP also fails to point out that the main reason why state elections in Sabah was called was that Shafie said he would rather die than to hand back power to the person he stole it from in the first place despite being told that a Covid-19 resurgence in Sabah was already taking place.

DAP should also point out that it was Shafie who gave his guarantee to the people of Sabah that Covid-19 will be under control during the snap elections and that the risk will be low.

Please point out too that the record also shows that I also had objected to Shafie calling for snap state elections on 30th July while Harapan gave it their full support citing “Shafie’s bravery”.

And did DAP forget that it was your MP Teresa Kok who objected to those returning from Sabah being required to quarantine themselves for 14 days and said such a rule is against democracy and designed to deters voters from voting?

Please be reminded that Covid affects all politicians and not just those from UMNO.

For the record, two DAP members of parliament and one DAP state assembly person had been certified Covid positive to date along with 3 other state assembly persons from other PH plus component parties.

Hence, DAP should tell the full story of what actually happened instead of trying to blame me or UMNO for the state elections.

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