International Women’s Day 2016

By Tuesday March 8th, 2016 No Comments

I believe our daughters should have the same opportunities that our sons are granted. We must Pledge for Parity and remain committed to empower women in our society.

Back in 2011, I announced a vision that is very dear to me – to have 30% of decision making positions to be held by women by 2016.

Alhamdulillah, in the public sector, we have achieved our target. As of August 2015, we have 37% women in decision-making positions in the public sector.

However, more needs to be done in the public listed companies. Women participation in policy and decision making positions only stands at 15.6% as of today.

I urge the industry leaders to do more, to take the next step, to break the glass ceiling and implement gender diversity policies.

Let’s secure the future of our daughters, support the sacrifices of our wives and mothers because they too deserve the same opportunities.

Happy International Women’s Day to all!

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