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Ideas For the Next 1Malaysia Event

By Thursday July 22nd, 2010 No Comments

It was a pleasant surprise to be welcomed with birthday wishes by the indigenous communities of Sarawak on my visit yesterday. I also appreciate the birthday comments and tweets I have received thus far. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Yesterday’s visit reminded me again of how 1Malaysia can truly work for all of us. After a day of social events and ceremonies around Baram, Bekenu and Miri, including my visit with several indigenous communities, my thoughts gravitated towards the next 1Malaysia gathering with my online friends. Those of you who attended the last event at my house in March this year were asked to give your feedback on the event. Your response had been overwhelmingly positive, with almost all of you expressing interest in attending or helping out with future events. I am certain that we all found the dialogue session valuable and insightful and I am especially pleased that all of you stated that you would recommend friends and family to register for the next event. I hope they do.

Hence, as I plan for the next gathering, there will be improvements to enhance our experience and further our appreciation of 1Malaysia. I have yet to finalise the details, so your ideas for the gathering are most welcome. Perhaps an outdoor event that is closer to nature? Or an indoor get-together at my official residence with more focus on the dialogue session? Post your suggestions here and keep visiting my website for developments on our next event!

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