I have just delivered my speech to launch the Talent Roadmap 2020 at PICC,…

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I have just delivered my speech to launch the Talent Roadmap 2020 at PICC, Putrajaya. The Government believes that talent is vital for us to attain Vision 2020 and Malaysia has to be globally competitive in producing, attracting and retaining talent. It’s important to ensure sufficient talent supply in critical areas of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

This is why TalentCorp Berhad was established.

The Talent Roadmap 2020 is set to explain TalentCorp’s role and plan of action to produce more quality talent. It consists of 3 strategic thrusts :-

Strategic Thrust 1: Optimise Malaysian Talent
– Create awareness of job and career opportunities.
– Allow smoother transition from school to workplace, eg: Through internships.
– Platforms to optimise talent, eg: management of government scholars

Strategic Thrust 2: Attract and Facilitate Global Talent.
– Reaching out to Malaysians abroad.
– Providing assistance to returning talents.
– Enhancing expatriate facilitation.

Strategic Thrust 3: Build Networks of Top Talents.
– Building networks of future leaders.
– Developing networking platform for students studying and working overseas.
– Engaging expatriate community.

You may read my full speech at http://bit.ly/JACPpp

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