I Have a Proposal

By Wednesday March 21st, 2012 No Comments

It is quite exciting to see the number of Malaysians following me on Twitter and Facebook growing day by day. Very soon these numbers will reach 500,000 on Twitter and one million on Facebook!

This incredible support you have given me so far genuinely humbles and thrills me, and if I could personally thank each and every one of you, I would.

Online social media has grown in importance for me as your Prime Minister over the past three years. Never before have I been able to communicate with so many so directly, and I am glad to embrace social media technology in this way. Admittedly, trying to connect with everyone isn’t as easy when so many people are expecting replies from me, but I can hardly blame you.

After tweeting last night, I did some thinking. And here is what I propose: I would like to meet my 500,000th Twitter and 1 millionth Facebook follower and spend some time together for tea and a good chat. I will post more details.

For those of you who are already following me, there are other opportunities coming your way. I hope you will stay connected with me and support the work that I do for our wonderful country.

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