High Hopes On Najib To Reform Party

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 (Bernama) — “I have suggestions on how Umno can reform because public perception is that Umno is arrogant and has unhealthy practices.

“We have to clean up Umno. In the near future, I will reveal what can be done. I’ve said it openly, we have to change or be changed.”

That was what the Deputy Prime Minister and incoming Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said when he took questions from the floor at an event at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity about two weeks ago.

It was the start of a series of strong messages he sent out to party members in the run-up to the Umno General Assembly.

A few days ago Najib again repeated the message of change in several interviews with the mainstream media.

Tonight, he repeated the calls, detailing the required changes, in his speech when opening simultaneously the Wanita, Youth and Puteri Umno general assemblies at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

The salient points Najib had stressed in his speech was that Umno, as the political platform for the Malays, must reorientate its mission and direction and identify new and fresh initiatives to transform the party in order to reclaim its position as the party of choice for the Malays.

As pointed out by MCA strategist Datuk Wong Mook Leong, Najib had no choice but to implement the changes in a determined way.

“He has to do it in a determined way, otherwise Barisan Nasional will be gone. He has no choice but to keep it clean; I think he can do it,” he said.

The hope was definitely high on Najib to deliver the changes as many believed that he could do it, Wong said.

“Actually, the people are fed up with too much politicking. What they want is stability,” he said.

Gerakan Deputy President Datuk Chang Ko Youn said the party would fully support Najib’s efforts to reform Umno as failure to do so would affect BN’s future as the ruling party.

“This is very critical. The only problem is the writing is already on the wall but, unfortunately, down the line, the grassroots still don’t see the seriousness (of the problem) despite the calls for them to change,” he said.

Source : Bernama

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