Happy Chinese New Year from Najib Razak

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Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today hope that Malaysians of all races will continue the tradition of open house to visit their counterparts from the Chinese.

“We hope the open house tradition of visiting and will continue to be a strap that binds the hearts of all in the family spirit 1Malaysia,”said Malaysia Prime Minister in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2011 through his blog, .

He also asked the Chinese to continue working closely trying to build a better future for his family and country.

He said, in this blessed land, Malaysia, all communities have the opportunity to create a dream of success.

“What is needed is the planning, hard work and discipline.

“Although not ensure the success of each individual, the government’s responsibility to provide the best ecosystem to enable the optimized potential.

“Anyhow, Thank you very much, in 2011 the hard work of all parties, governments and people, civil servants and the private sector, the country remains on track for achieving the national vision of becoming a high-income developed countries,”he said.

Source : Allvoices

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