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KUALA LUMPUR: The prime minister helped in pulling off a “Gotcha” call on the radio station, broadcast this morning.

In the prerecorded call, Datuk Seri Najib Razak assisted popular deejays JJ and Ean to startle their producer, The Jakeman, during a light-hearted show which aired calls made to unsuspecting “victims”.

AMP Radio Networks network manager Mohamad Raqeem Brian, also known as The Brian Machine, told the New Straits Times that the station was thrilled about the PM’s participation.

He said the station had not been successful in its attempts to do a Gotcha call on The Jakeman.

The idea to rope in the PM came up during a brainstorming session a month ago to devise a plan to “get” The Jakeman.

“For a minute, everybody was silent until light bulbs started glowing inside our heads. So, we proceeded by pushing a proposal to the PM’s Office.

“We were surprised to receive a positive reply as apparently the PM also liked our Gotcha call show.” Brian said the recording of the show was done a few weeks ago at the prime minister’s official residence in Seri Perdana.

During the recording, the team was taken aback when they encountered a very relaxed PM who demonstrated an amazing knowledge of football.

“He also talked about his favourite team Manchester United,” said Brian.

When the PM’s “Gotcha” call was being promoted on the website, the daily radio show, and on JJ and Ean’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, some listeners were doubtful the PM would be so “spor ting” to do the Gotcha call.

Some of the responses: A tweet by @afidazaidi said “can’t hardly wait for tomorrow morning.

am sooo gonna listen to gotcha call by @NajibRazak on @jakemanhitz”.

While on Ean Nasrun hitz’s Facebook page, his followers gave positive responses to a photo of JJ, Ean and Brian with Najib taken during the Gotcha call recording.

Faithe Violet commented: “PM gotchaa Jakeman? cool… ean you fascinate people with ur intelligent yet funny humors… thumbs up ther!”.

Sheila Choo commented: “Boleh tahan you guys, can get PM in your team……PM, bukan calang2 orang!!!!!!” On May 5, the PM had made a special live appearance on Hot FM’s AM Crew morning radio programme at Sri Pentas.

Najib’s visit then came after AM Crew co-host Fara Fauzana had requested an appearance via his Twitter account on April 27, prompting hundreds of the show’s listeners to follow suit in requesting the PM to go on the show.

Najib told the hosts he often logged on to his Twitter and Facebook accounts at home late at night or in the car to interact with and answer questions from the public.

“I decided to use new media so that I can extend my messages and communicate with those who use this technology, especially the young.” During the one-hour show then, the PM answered questions from listeners, requested his favourite songs and engaged in a game of checkers with AM Crew host Faizal Ismail, also known as FBI.

Najib is active on his Twitter account @NajibRazak which has 210,272 followers. Last week, while making a surprise attendance at the Suara Kami concert for youth, in celebration of Malaysia Day and Merdeka, Najib had taken several photos using his smartphone.

The photos were quickly posted by Najib on his Twitter account and also on his Facebook page at www.facebook.

com/najibrazak, which currently has 852,270 followers.

Source : Bernama

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