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Govt and private sector working together to create jobs - Najib Razak

Govt and private sector working together to create jobs

By Wednesday March 11th, 2009 No Comments

A TOTAL of 163,000 training opportunities and job placements will be undertaken as joint collaboration between the Government and the private sector as a measure to reduce unemployment.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the move will be implemented through training programmes by various government agencies, including government-linked companies (GLCs) and private training institutes in the private sector.

“The main objective is to enhance skills to meet industry requirements as well as to reduce dependence on foreign labour.

The Government has allocated RM700mil to implement job placements and provide incentives to employers to recruit and train local workers.

Among the measures to be taken, he said, was to increase the number of participants under the Special Training and Re-Training Programmes for retrenched workers and the Dual National Training Scheme to enhance skills of those currently employed.

“(We will) increase the number of training programmes with the cooperation of industries and related companies, such as in electrical and electronics, welding, robotics and construction.

“In addition, more industrial and technical skills training will be conducted by Skills Training Centres in all states for 10,000 trainees,” he said.

Another measure is to provide on-the-job training for 1,000 unemployed graduates in the financial sector by the Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia for two years, while 2,000 training opportunities and job placements will be provided in GLCs.

Najib said the Government will also establish 22 JobsMalaysia Centres and upgrade 109 of its existing centres. Another 63,000 staff members will be recruited to fill vacancies and serve as contract officers in various government agencies.

Since October 2008, a total of 25,000 workers have been retrenched, while 30,900 have been temporarily laid off and 23,900 had to take pay cuts.

About 100,000 workers have not been given overtime work, resulting in significant reduction in income.

Source : The Star

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