Government Will Ensure Social Justice, Says Najib

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PEKAN, Jan 22 (Bernama) — The principle of social justice will continue to be upheld so that all groups benefit from the country’s prosperity, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Saturday.

The Prime Minister said that disadvantaged groups will continue to receive support and fair treatment.

Without efforts on behalf of disadvantaged groups, “our system will be crippled for failure to provide social justice to all,” he said at the presentation of aid to poor students in Pekan.

Three hundred students each received RM200, a bicycle and a school bag and uniform donated by Amanah Raya Berhad and the Warga Cinta Negara association.

Najib said the government was helping not only the hard-core poor but also the low-income group.

But what the government was doing was not enough because the number needing assistance was very big, he said, and urged the private sector, including non-governmental organisations, to do their part.

Najib said that social justice had brought about social mobility and empowerment of individuals.

“In most countries, including advanced nations, people in the low-income group have little chance of going up the social ladder,” he said.

“But in Malaysia, we have many moving stories about the children of fishermen and farmers and the like rising in the professional, corporate and academic circles in just one generation.”

Later, at the presentation of mandarin oranges in conjunction with Chinese New Year, Najib said that all communities in the country were involved in the Independence struggle and contributed to the prosperity that Malaysia had achieved.

“When striving for Independence, the Malays leading the struggle were supported by the Chinese and Indians,” he said.

Now, The Prime Minister said, all communities must work together to turn Malaysia into a developed nation with a high income.

At the function, more than 6,000 crates of mandarin oranges were distributed to Pekan residents.

Source : Bernama

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