Government wants more open tenders to cut down on graft

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JOHOR BARU: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants to cut down on direct negotiations for government procurement contracts.

He said this method of awarding contracts should be replaced with open or restricted tenders.

“Opting for the tender system will curb corruption and bring back the people’s confidence in the Government,” he said when addressing civil servants in Johor during his one-day visit here yesterday.

“A lot of people will like direct negotiations but I want it reduced,” he said.

Najib urged the government servants and people’s representatives not to be arrogant and to be humble and go down to the field to listen to the people’s woes.

He also said that there should not be too much pomp when representatives turn up somewhere.

He said that he would continue with some of the policies implemented by his predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration which are good for the people and development of the nation.

One such project was Iskandar Malaysia, he said, stressing that the new leadership would continue its commitment to develop the multibillion ringgit project into a new growth area.

Najib, who was on a one-day working visit to the state, said the project was visionary and it was also time to create a new growth area in the country.

He said Iskandar would be another choice for Malaysians to go to besides the Klang Valley, which was already overpopulated. He said the Government would also direct foreign direct investments to Iskandar.

Najib also acknowledged the importance of cooperation between the federal and the state governments.

He added that this was not the time for political polemics and it was important that Johoreans did not feel that they were not getting any benefit from Iskandar.

Najib said the people should look at the positive aspects of Iskandar, such as job creation and bringing in hig h-tech investments.

There would also be eco-tourism and medical -tourism projects and an international higher education centre.

On his 1Malaysia vision, Najib said he had no intention of re-inventing the wheel, saying he would continue to focus on the targets set by his two predecessors.

After the function, Najib, together with Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, had an audience with the Johor Sultan at Istana Bukit Serene.

Source : The Star

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