Government to ensure GTP meets people’s expectations

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will do all it can to ensure the success of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) in the years ahead, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

“We will strengthen our commitment and continue to work hard and do what we can for our beloved nation and people.

“We want our agenda to be carried out right to the grassroots to ensure that the 1Malaysia vision of People First, Performance Now’ is really felt by people from all walks of life,” the Prime Minister said last night at the star-studded first year GTP celebration themed Malam Transformasi Bersama Rakyat: Untukmu Malaysia at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

Najib unveiled the first set of results for the six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) as the crowd cheered him on during his speech and video presentation.

The NKRAs involve reducing crime, fighting corruption, improving student outcomes, raising living standards of low-income households, improving rural basic infrastructure and improving urban public transport.

Najib, who announced several key achievements under the GTP, described the programme as “brave, innovative and transparent”.

He said it was important to identify and fulfil the people’s desires, expectations and aspirations.

“After one year, the GTP has shown significant and meaningful success in all the NKRAs,” declared the Prime Minister, who thanked the civil service, members of his administration and Cabinet for making the programme a success.

The achievements included reducing the crime index by 15% and street crimes by 35%; 700,000 pupils benefitting from early childhood education; creation of the Whistleblower Protection Act to fight corruption; and reducing hardcore poverty levels by 99.8%.

“People are now more confident of the Government’s measures to combat corruption. We have also managed to change the lives of two million people in rural areas. It is a very meaningful achievement,” he said, adding that they were provided with electricity, water and proper housing.

On urban public transportation, he said there was a 192% increase in commuters for Bus Expressway Transit and an additional 2.43 million commuters for the light rail transit system.

Najib later launched the 268-paged 2010 GTP annual report which is available online at

Source : The Star

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