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When I took office, I summed up the government’s direction under my administration to achieve national transformation by using the phrase People First, Performance Now. I want to take this opportunity to share the progress we have made to date.

On reaching the milestone of my first 100 days, I announced stringent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets for the nation. They have been set for all government ministries, alongside six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs). These KPIs are the delivery mechanism designed to help us achieve our desired results. The outcome we aim to achieve is the same one highlighted by past administrations under Vision 2020: to transform Malaysia into a high-level income developed nation.

This is an ambitious goal. We have long stated the aim of reaching it by 2020 as embodied in the Vision 2020 policy. People First, Performance Now is an expression that reconciles the current socio-economic position of Malaysia with this goal through effective implementation of KPIs and NKRAs, thus integrating it seamlessly as part of this journey.

Now, five months on, the first phase has been successfully completed. With all the planning, developing and program alignment completed, we are now in the implementation phase. Our real work will begin as we make the transformation of government services happen.

Last week, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala was appointed to oversee the many performance management changes required throughout the government.

He will lead a new unit called the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu). Idris will coordinate with Dr Koh Tsu Koon on issues related to Pemandu. Idris excelled in the private sector, having successfully turned around our national carrier.

I see these initiatives – KPIs and NKRAs – as being much more than acronyms. They offer clear measures designed to ensure that my colleagues and I in government are continuously working to better serve the needs of all Malaysians.

Another area I wish to focus on is the efficiency of Government counter services. They provide our front line interaction with the public and require a service of the finest standards. In ensuring the one-stop centre framework truly delivers, improvements will be made to ensure faster and more streamlined processes, more customer-oriented service, and better system integration between departments.

Through the execution of these planned changes, we can offer quantifiable results. This will make for a stronger, more effective and more accountable Government.

Since taking office, I have resolutely committed to transforming the quality of lives of all Malaysians by significantly improving the efficiency of government. I believe government officials have a solemn obligation to deliver on the pledges made to the people of Malaysia. I invite you to continue providing constructive feedback so we may advance and accomplish this transformation together.

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