Go With Barisan Regardless Of Candidates Chosen To Recapture Selangor, Najib Tells Members

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SHAH ALAM, Sept 17 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today that Barisan Nasional members must support the coalition fully regardless of the candidates chosen for the general election if they want to recapture Selangor.

They should leave it to the top leadership to pick winnable candidates and then go all out for a Barisan Nasional victory, he added when opening the Selangor BN convention here.

The Prime Minister and BN chairman said:” Give your full support to Barisan Nasional. Don’t sulk (if you are not chosen as a candidate). Don’t sabotage. Go all out to support.”

“The past three years have been bitter for us. Don’t let history repeat itself,” Najib said in a speech punctuated by loud applause and shouts of agreement from the 3,000 delegates.

After the 2008 electoral defeat, all in the Selangor BN should not think of party posts and must be focused on taking back the state.

Najib said that Selangor BN leaders must be mindful of the feelings of party members and ensure that their hearts were with the coalition.

They should also get close to young people who are first time voters, he added.

Najib stressed the importance of honest and accurate information from the ground in preparing for the general election.

“The political reading must be accurate. Don’t deceive yourself and don’t deceive the leaders. Remember, when drawing up a programme, it is not the output but the outcome that matters,” Najib said.

Commenting on the enthusiastic response to his message, Najib said: “If the spirit in this hall today can be brought out and transmitted to all BN members out there, I am sure we can recapture Selangor.”

Source : Bernama

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