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Get children into sports to stay healthy, says Shebby - Najib Razak

Get children into sports to stay healthy, says Shebby

By Tuesday June 14th, 2011 No Comments

PETALING JAYA: Football pundit Serbegeth Shebby’ Singh kicked off the 1Malaysia Roundtable discussion with his topic on cultivating a healthy lifestyle at school level.

He said Malaysia was now ranked as the most obese country in South-East Asia, sixth in Asia and 39th in the world.

“There is nothing wrong with enjoying a hearty breakfast or a late supper but a good balance of nutrition and exercise is very im-portant.

“As a sportsman, I have lived by this principle practically my whole life and, as a result, I am still able to kick a ball and run around a football pitch at my age,” said the 50-year-old in his post on the 1Malaysia Roundtable website.

Shebby, a former national footballer, posed three questions, including on the kind of low-cost health programmes to be implemented in schools and successful examples which could be adopted from overseas.

When contacted, Shebby said the idea of staying healthy needed to be inculcated as early in childhood as possible and that school was a good place to start.

“Not all children will grow up to be athletes but they all deserve to grow up healthy and fit.

“All children should have one form of physical activity that they can enjoy without anybody telling them to do it,” he said.

He encouraged everybody, including overprotective parents, to contribute ideas on encouraging children to lead healthy lifestyles.

“Then, we can enjoy our nasi lemak without worrying because, honestly, I enjoy mine,” he said.

The 1Malaysia Roundtable, which went live yesterday, is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s latest platform to connect with the public.

Featuring discussions about the economy, national unity, health, youth activity and sports, these will be moderated by experts, comprising Malaysian icons and role models.

Those interested in participating can register at www.1malaysia.com.my/roundtable.

Source : The Star

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