Full support from groups for 1Malaysia concept

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian associations, from religious groups to the bank employees’ union, have congratulated Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his appointment as the country’s sixth Prime Minister, pledging full support to his efforts to promote racial unity.

The Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation, in congratulating Najib on his appointment, welcomed the concept of “1Malaysia” and suggested that it should also incorporate issues concerning safety and security for all.

“1Malaysia must also mean a safe and secure Malaysia – a nation free of crime and the fear of crime. We suggest that the new Prime Minister work towards building safe communities in line with the concept.

“Given the fact that law enforcement alone is inadequate to tackle crime, the Government has to promulgate effective social policies and programmes to prevent and control criminal activities,” its vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said in a statement yesterday.

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism said it would work together with Najib to further enhance unity among the people.

Council president Datuk A. Vaithilingam said the movement was encouraged by Najib’s “1Malaysia” concept as it was in line with its theme “Many Faiths, One Nation, Our Vision for Malaysia”.

“After 51 years as an independent nation, it is time for the nation to redouble efforts to embrace and practise multi-ethnic harmony with respect for each other’s religion and culture,” he said in a statement.

The Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (Rehda) expressed confidence that Najib’s leadership would enable Malaysia to overcome challenges.

Its president Datuk Ng Seing Liong commended the smooth transition of power as it displayed the strength and stability of the country.

He added that Rehda supported Najib’s commitment in enhancing national unity through the “1Malaysia” concept.

He said Rehda would work closely with Najib to make the property sector a more dynamic and productive contributor to national growth.

The National Union of Bank Employees welcomed Najib’s appointment, saying that it was confident he would have the capability and the wisdom to deliver Malaysia from the global economic slowdown.

“We are also confident that he will continue to care for the lowest paid employees in the banking industry,” its general secretary J. Solomon said in a press statement.

The Council of Islamic Movement Malaysia said it was confident that Najib would introduce a new approach to develop the economy.

“With the Islam Hadhari approach, the Government can obtain more guidelines from Islamic civilisation to overcome the current financial crisis,” said its chairman Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad.

Source : The Star

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