Forging Ahead

By Tuesday February 10th, 2009 No Comments

I wrote last week about evaluating the suggestions received via this website. Thank you again for your contributions to this effort. Our focus on economic issues such as the Stimulus Package II has not been diminished by recent events in Perak which have come to a point that require my immediate attention and action. We have a new Menteri Besar now. We are working hard to put the state back on track so that we can focus on bringing continuous development to the Rakyat.

BN looks forward to continuing our work and redoubling our efforts to improve the lives of all Malaysians. Critical to these efforts is finding common ground with Perak as well as ensuring that all races are heard and represented in the new State administration. The BN Government in Perak will be a government that develops fresh solutions. A government that works – “Mesra Rakyat”, not for itself, but with and for all races, beliefs, customs, and cultures. One government that is engaged in a productive deliberation on the challenges we share and delivering opportunity to Malaysia.

In view of this current situation, I find it more important than ever to impress upon every Malaysian to embrace the spirit of One Malaysia, so that as a nation we can forge ahead amidst the challenges we face.

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