Foodstuff airlifted to longhouses

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KUCHING: Sarawak has started airlifting foodstuff and other daily essentials to remote longhouses and settlements cut off by the floods in Ulu Niah in the Miri Division.

Helicopters have been deployed since Tuesday afternoon to SMK Suai. From the school, the rations are transported to Rumah Ranggong, one of the affected longhouses.

Rumah Ranggong serves as the supply base to five other longhouses and settlements in the area which were hit by the floods,,said a Miri Resident’s Office official yesterday.

A state floods operations room official said some 103 evacuees from 22 families were being housed at SMK Suai.

Another 107 villagers from 22 families are taking shelter at the Batu Niah community hall and SK Rumah Mentali, also in Miri Division.

“The floods in Suai and Niah areas are receding very slowly,” said the official.

She said there were still 943 evacuees in 19 relief centres statewide. They included 359 people in five relief centres in Tatau, Bintulu Division.

In Kampung Dagang in Tatau, several families were dealt a double blow when their flooded homes were destroyed in a fire on Tuesday.

The pre-dawn blaze left more than 60 people homeless.

Floods have now hit Marudi, northern Sarawak where more than 200 residents in Kampung Stunggang were evacuated yesterday. The floods were caused by heavy rains in Ulu Baram.

Source : The Star

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