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Recently, I posted a blog entry about renewable energy options in Malaysia, and created a poll on this website asking for your alternative energy source preferences for our country.  Your blog comments and poll results made interesting reading.

The poll, now closed, showed that most respondents were in favour of solar energy (59 percent), with nuclear (23 percent) in second place.  Third and fourth spots went to biomass and wind, respectively.

Your comments tell a different story, however.  At the time of writing, nuclear energy accounted for more than two-thirds of submissions, with those in favour and those against in equal numbers.  Solar energy was the second most popular comment category, with biomass and wind again occupying third and fourth positions.

All this suggests to me that feelings on which energy source is best are mixed overall, and confirms that we have further to go before implementing a decision on nuclear.

All options for electricity generation, from biomass to wind, will be explored.  We will consult experts and we will consult the rakyat, as there must be public engagement.

A Malaysian Renewable Energy Bill is accordingly being drafted by the Ministry of Energy for tabling before Parliament this year.  If we get it right, at least 52,000 jobs could be created and approximately RM70 billion worth of business generated by the renewable energy sector by 2020, according to experts.

Our energy future is an important discussion, and I would like that you continue to share questions and concerns with Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin Fah Kui and I.  With your help, I’m confident that we can build a cleaner, greener Malaysia.

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