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Dates visited: November 4, 2012, October 3-5, 2010

In 2010, Malaysia joined EU member states and ASEAN countries for the eighth Asia-Europe Summit (Asem). Asem represents 58 per cent of the global population, 50 per cent of global GDP and over 60 per cent of global trade. The theme of the summit was “Quality of Life” with discussions on issues of mutual interest to the two entities, including financial and economic governance, advance on the path of sustainable development and the future of Asem.

I delivered a speech on “Financial and Economic Governance” and also participated in an Asia-Europe Business Forum, with high-level members of the economic and financial industries from Asia and Europe.

Key outcomes:

  • Endorsed Chair’s Statement and a Declaration on the Global Economic Crisis that addressed the leaders’ resolve in moving towards effective global and economic governance.
  • Reiterated Malaysia’s position on key international issues as well as to enhance Malaysia’s role and commitment with regards to Asia-Europe relations.
  • Engagement with several international and wire agencies in a roundtable discussion, where human rights, the media and religious tolerance were discussed.
  • Launched negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union with European Commission President Jose Manual Barroso, marking the start of a comprehensive agreement covering tariffs, non-tariff barriers as well as commitments on other trade related issues, notably procurement, competition and sustainable development.

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