Ensuring a Free and Fair Election

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Political Transformation

Our country’s 13th General Election is almost here. Soon, people will be coming out in droves to the nearest polling centres to cast their vote for the candidate or party they feel will best serve them through the next few years. The Election Commission (EC) has been hard at work implementing safeguards to ensure the rakyat’s voice is represented as accurately as possible. Three initiatives in particular stand out.

First, the EC has undertaken various efforts to keep the electoral roll accurate and up-to-date, in order to prevent potential fraud and impersonation by phantom voters. Campaigns have been launched to further engage voters in verifying their names in the roll and cross checking with their identity card numbers.

Second, the EC has enabled postal voting for the first time in our history. This will allow Malaysians living a considerable distance overseas to exercise their voting rights, ranging from countries such as Australia and the UK to China and Qatar. Also, advance voting has also been implemented for those within the country who have other duties to perform on voting day, allowing them to vote several days earlier.

Third, the compulsory use of indelible ink to identify those who have voted. Two shades have been identified for use, to differentiate between advance voters and regular voters. The ink will be marked on voters come polling day at their respective polling centres as a safeguard against double voting.

These are just some of the initiatives that have been put into place to prepare for the momentous exercise in democracy we are about to undertake. I have also done my part as a political leader by signing Transparency International’s Election Integrity pledge, and I will ensure that all Barisan Nasional candidates honour this agreement too.

The task now falls to you to ensure that you are prepared for the coming election. Let’s move forward together.

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