Electoral And Censorship Reforms Reflect Government’s Transformation Process

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 16 (Bernama) — When Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced moves to appoint a parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms and review media censorship policies, it clearly reflected his government’s transformation process and that it is willing to hear out the voice of the people.

The government is expected to discuss the proposal on electoral reforms tomorrow.

The committee will subsequently comprise representatives from Barisan Nasional and Opposition parties to thrash out issues that had grabbed headlines in the past few months on the need to further improve the electoral process in the country.

The formation of the committee is testimony of the inclusivity of the government which takes into account the views of many and to uphold transparency in the country’s democratic system.

Inclusivity has always been Najib’s buzzword. When he was the Deputy Prime Minister a few years ago, he had said: “We will champion inclusiveness not just because it is a foundation for political stability and economic growth, but because it is right.”

MIC president and Minister at the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk G. Palanivel, who was present when the prime minister made the announcement at a breaking of the fast at Bernama, the national news agency, described the move as bold and one that would further strengthen democracy in the country as well as improve the perception among voters.

And rightly so for it shows that the government is heeding calls for improving the country’s electoral system, especially to address allegations of fraud like phantom voters or double counting.

By including Opposition parties in the equation, the government would not be seen as pushing policies down the throats of voters as it will take into consideration the views from all sides.

Najib’s decision to review certain censorship policies is another welcome move in this day and age when information can transcend borders at almost the speed of light.

Tarring perceived offending or unpalatable passages in publications with black ink so that readers would not be able to read them is old hat or outmoded. With smartphones and computers, these articles can reach those who want to access them in less than a minute.

By reaching out to the people, by hearing them out and by wanting to change for the better, the government’s transformation process to build a better Malaysia on an inclusive platform is right on track.

Source : Bernama

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