DPM: Elect only clean Umno men

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PEKAN: Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has asked members to elect clean leaders to enable the party to elevate its struggle to a higher level.

Calling on them to reject those mired in money politics, the Deputy Prime Minister said accommodating such people would tarnish Umno’s credibility.

Outsiders would also see the election process as dirty with unworthy leaders elected, he added.

We may be saddled with leaders who may not be able to elevate the party’s struggle to a higher level,he told reporters after the Pekan Umno division meeting yesterday.

Asked about Umno disciplinary board chairman Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail’s concerns, Najib said he realised that money politics was not easy to overcome, adding that efforts must be intensified to fight the scourge and eradicate it.

We must have credible leaders in the party because the people will evaluate the party based on the leaders we elect.

It depends on the effectiveness of our enforcement, like speed traps some may slip through, some may get caught.

Najib also said that those who lodged reports on money politics must have solid proof to enable action against the culprits.

There are many reports, but each report must be genuine. Let’s not victimise any leader with false reports,he said.

Asked whether the issue of money politics was an open secret, Najib said it was because those who lodged reports were small in number compared to those receiving the money.

As such, we must have proof of where, when, how much, and evidence of the money. Although this is not in the courts, there must still be proof,he said.

On several Umno divisions facing problems over meetings, Najib said the matter would be resolved.

We have the management committee to determine the policy and interpret the constitution and rules.

The headquarters looks at it in terms of facts, the liaison committees monitor and provide feedback on what happened. Each has its respective role (to resolve the problem),he said.

Source : The Star

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