Don’t let racial issues destroy Malaysia’s achievement: PM

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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak urged Malaysians not to let racial and religious issues shatter what the country has achieved.

In his message delivered here on Monday, the eve of Malaysia’s 53rd Independence Day, Najib stressed that the country’s accomplishment could be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

“Therefore, we should cherish the peace, harmony and stability we are currently enjoying,” said the prime minister.

Malaysia celebrates its Independence Day, also its National Day, on Aug. 31.

Najib said the Malaysian government was committed to deploy all legal instruments to defend the country’s independence and sovereignty.

The Malaysian society should also remain united as strong consolidation serves as the backbone of peace.

Moving forward, Najib said the time has come for the new generation to bring Malaysia to a higher level of development and prosperity, transforming Malaysia into a high-income developed nation by 2020.

Najib said former leaders of the country had always wanted to change, and their dissatisfaction about the development status at that time had once and again pushed the nation to a higher level in terms of nation building.

Najib stressed that every Malaysian is important to the country, and each of them can contribute to the nation by fully unlocking their potentials back home.

“It is a big loss to Malaysia if the experts we turn out migrate to other countries, in search of a better living,” said Najib.

Source : Xinhua

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