Digital technology is the future and will give Malaysia a competitive edge…

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Digital technology is the future and will give Malaysia a competitive edge in the global landscape. As connectivity is the most important component to thrive in the digital economy, I urge all to be ever more diligent in proliferating information from the internet, maintain high level of vigilance of cyber threats and to unite in promoting the Safer Internet Day today.

Over the years, we have seen enough unfortunate incidents caused by irresponsible spreading of false, malicious, and misleading information pertaining to matters of pertinent importance in the internet. Also, there were many victims who fell into internet ‘scam’ and subsequently suffered great financial losses. These incidents can be damaging to our societal and economic progression as a nation. Therefore it is imperative that we exercise extra caution when we maneuver the internet, and put in sufficient effort to authenticate information we receive before engaging any further action. Otherwise, our gullibility will expose us to manipulation by malicious party for the wrong reason. It makes us vulnerable.

I applaud the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s initiative in creating awareness on this crucial issue among Malaysians through the “Cyber Security Awareness for Everyone” programme, which seeks to educate the public on better ways to utilize online technology. Find tips on how to use online technology in a safer, more responsible manner here

Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (MOSTI)

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