Dear Mr Justo, Happy new year to you too. Your friend hired you into…

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Dear Mr Justo,

Happy new year to you too.

Your friend hired you into PetroSaudi.

You then got fired for undisclosed personal reasons.

You then stole your company’s data. That is a crime.

Then you blackmailed your friend for millions of dollars for the return of the stolen data. This is also a crime.

And then you went to prison for blackmail when your former employers refused to pay you.

And then you sold stolen data and got paid RM8 million. This is yet another crime.

Then you came to Malaysia to live.

When the PH government fell, you packed up and left immediately.

Yes, you were never called to be a witness in my case. Your name is not on the witnesses list in the 1MDB case.

And yes, the prosecutors objected to us reviewing your stolen documents with one of the excuses being that these emails cannot be authenticated or verified.

And yes, many of your documents contain information which is very beneficial to us. They prove that I was not colluding with PetroSaudi to divert 1MDB money.

One is this email already exposed in the media:

“As an email between Mahony and Obaid reveals, they were exchanging ideas on how to explain the situation to Najib. It was decided that they would hide from him the fact that 1MDB would have to take a US$500 million loss. Instead, they would impress upon Najib how important it was for 1MDB to quickly invest another US$500 million with them.”

Cover Story: How PetroSaudi executives plotted what to tell Najib

You can wait for these proofs to be shown in court when the time comes.

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