“Coalition of Moderates and Inter-Civilisational Understanding”

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During my visit to London, I gave a lecture entitled “Coalition of Moderates and Inter-Civilisational Understanding” in the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford University. In light of various events, globally or locally, it is always timely and important for us to be mindful of Wasatiyyah. Below are excerpts from my lecture:

“A world free from terrorism is possible. It is not beyond our reach. It needs men and women of goodwill among the faithful of all creeds; it requires a vanguard of the moderates, it demands us to stop being a silent majority and to start reflecting the courage of our conviction. We must address the underlying causes of global violence. Merely going after specific individuals, dismantling their organizations, disrupting their finances and discrediting their ideologies is far from enough. We must be able to differentiate between the symptoms and the root causes. Only then, can we achieve a lasting solution.”

“It would be too easy to say that the solution to Islamic extremism is simply for more Muslims to speak up and to speak out. Yes, it is our responsibility, but it is not ours alone. Just as Muslims need to make their voices heard, so do the Christians, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Atheists who are sickened by intolerance, violence and terror and need to make their voices heard. We need to hear the concerted voices from moderates in all countries and from all walks of life. And when we do, the prize of peace is there for all to see.”

Click to read the full text of my lecture.

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