Climate Change Ideas

By Monday December 14th, 2009 No Comments

Climate change is probably the most critical issue facing mankind today. To underscore our concern and our commitment towards saving Planet Earth, I will attend the forthcoming UN Climate Change Summit. I will present Malaysia’s own position, and participate working to achieve a global consensus so that collectively, nations around the world will make a positive contribution towards reducing carbon emission and in turn save Planet Earth.

What can we do on a personal level? I have a few suggestions for your consideration. Firstly, what I practice now is to read documents electronically through my mobile phone or PDA. This way I am reducing the amount of written material.

Secondly, I turn down the air-conditioning at the office and at home by one degree Celsius. Although it seems like a small effort, it can significantly reduce carbon emissions and your electricity bills.

Thirdly, something quite easily done is to have reports submitted in a more concise and succinct manner. This reduces the amount of paper you use daily.

Fourthly, I have and will continue to donate unused items or recycle them. A lot of these items are thrown away only to be dumped into landfills, contributing to ‘landfill gas’ which increases global temperature.

These are just some suggestions, but there are many other things that one can do to reduce carbon emission. I hope that we can continue to interact and that you will share your personal contributions or tips to protect the environment.

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