Budget 2013

Budget 2013: I want your views

By Monday July 16th, 2012 No Comments

On the 28th of September, I will table the National Budget for 2013 on behalf of the Federal Government in my capacity as Finance Minister. I believe it is important that the rakyat be given an avenue to voice their ideas on how we can best bring this country forward on the world stage, socially and economically. To those of you who are keen to have your say, now is your chance.

This year, we are providing a platform that allows fellow citizens to come together and share their views on the 2013 Budget. This will present an opportunity for everyone to submit their ideas and input for the consideration of the Finance Ministry.

The discussions will focus on several topics. We would like to hear your thoughts on cost of living, public security, property prices, the role of youth in economic development, food production, the entertainment and creative industry, and other prominent issues that affect you. These discussions will continue until the 29th of July.

Currently, less than 10% Malaysians pay tax. So the key challenge we have is to broaden and transform our revenue base to ensure that the budget deficit is kept to a manageable level and that we do not spend beyond our means.

To achieve this we need to focus both on stimulating domestic investment as well as attracting foreign investment through the Economic Transformation Programme. We have already made a strong start – the IRB collected RM110 billion of revenue last year – which has enabled us to fund key services to help people such as the BR1M and book vouchers.

To keep this momentum up we need everyone to contribute their ideas, so I invite you to participate in the Budget 2013 discussions. You can get started by clicking here. As with previous years, I am looking forward to discovering fresh ideas and potential solutions from my fellow Malaysians.

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