BN parties laud Najib's 'One Malaysia' concept

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Barisan Nasional component parties MCA, Gerakan and MIC are quick to express confidence in the leadership of newly-minted prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and praised his ‘One Malaysia’ concept.

Najib, 55, was sworn in as the country’s sixth prime minister at the Istana Negara this morning.

In congratulating Najib, MCA spokesperson Lee Wei Kiat said the ‘One Malaysia’ concept is themed on national unity and recognises the contribution of all races.
      “Najib has clearly set his aspirations on improving race relations to ensure that Malaysians forge friendships based on trust and mutual respect which seem lost in recent months.

“Envisaging a new mindset of rejuvenation, the ‘One Malaysia’ reflects the model of transformation and change which will strengthen national unity and development,” he said in a statement.

Lee said it is crucial that the concept which ensures that no community is isolated from development of any kind be given full backing from all Malaysians.

For stability and growth of the nation, he said, Malaysians must observe the rule of law, fairness, reject mob rule, discrimination, complacency and corruption.

Push forward reform agenda

Although not an easy task, Lee said MCA hopes that Najib will push forward his reform agenda with courage and determination to ensure fair implementation for all.

“Even as deputy prime minister, Najib has demonstrated his consideration for multiracial Malaysians when he mentioned that the government was moving towards the liberalisation of unfair and discriminatory practices based on race.

“Najib’s inclusive nature was further evinced when he approached both the Chinese and Tamil communities – firstly, by visiting the Sin Chew Daily on Tuesday to understand the Chinese community more, and secondly, the allocation of RM80million for 374 Tamil schools in nine states,” he said.

“We are certain that in due course, Najib will make more overtures to other minority groups. The new prime minister is very much in touch with the needs of ordinary Malaysians and is committed towards political and economical development,” he added.

In conveying MCA’s appreciation to former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his statesmanship displayed which enabled a smooth change-of-guards in national and party leadership, Wei Kiat said: “Unlike other countries where military coups were initiated to install a new prime minister and cabinet which inevitably led to national chaos, Abdullah’s handing over the administration in a smooth and dignified manner to his successor attests to his astuteness and statesmanship.”

Touching on the same ‘One Malaysia’ concept, Gerakan president Dr Koh Tsu Koon said that it was similar to what his party has been advocating for the past 10 years.

He said the concept meant fairness for all Malaysians, with strong commitment and effective participation by all Malaysians.

“Gerakan has high expectations that as the son of a former prime minister, and with 33 years in government, Najib has the experience, network and wisdom to do a good job in bringing real reform to the government and to the Barisan Nasional,” he said in a statement.

‘Najib will be an excellent PM’

MIC president S Samy Vellu said the party is confident that he will be an excellent prime minister based on his track record and experiences as the deputy prime minister.

“He has proven to be an able and charismatic leader. He has the vision and is considered a far-sighted leader. I am confident that he will be a prime minister for all Malaysians.

“He has the qualities needed to steer Malaysia out of a possible economic recession. I believe that unity will be his top priority, and that he will safeguard the interest of all races politically, economically and socially,” he said in a statement.

To accomplish this, Samy Vellu said, there must be a combination of all the qualities of our previous prime ministers.

“Our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman was the Father of Independence (Bapa Malaysia). His priority was on how to achieve independence for Malaya.

“Our second prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak is the Father of Development. His priority was on how to develop Malaysia so that the people can live in prosperity and harmony,” he said.

“Our third prime minister, Hussein Onn was the Father of Unity. He united the people through various policies and programmes.

“Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our fourth PM, is the Father of Modernisation. He had a vision, that is Vision 2020.

“And finally, our fifth PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi can be regarded as the Father of a New Malaysia. He brought greater openness and democracy. Integrity was his brand name,” he added.

‘He will do more for Indians’

Meanwhile, MIC is also confident that Najib will place greater emphasis and priority on the development of all Malaysians irrespective of their race.

Congratulating him on his appointment, MIC secretary-general Dr S Subramaniam said Najib has pledged to unite all Malaysians under the ‘One Malaysia’ concept.

“We believe he will do more for Indians,” he said in a statement.

Subramaniam, who is the human resources ministers, also expressed his gratitude to former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his contributions to the Indian community, especially in the construction of MIC’s Aimst university and the setting up of the cabinet committee for Indians.

Source : Malaysiakini

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