BN A Coalition Centred On Reality, Actuality – Najib

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Barisan Nasional (BN) is a coalition centred on reality and actuality.

The prime minister said the ties that bind the coalition were based on BN’s compatibility, philosophy and practice.

“We don’t engage in play-acting with the people. One of the biggest theatrics of the opposition is their inability to form a shadow cabinet even though they have been talking about creating a two-party system in the country, but they have failed to present a shadow cabinet to the people.

“So if they fail to do so when they are the opposition at the national level, how can they become confidence that they can wrest Putrajaya and rule the country successfully?” he told Umno-Online in an exclusive interview.

Najib, who is also Umno president and BN chairman, said Umno had never been an extreme party despite championing the interest of the Malays and was always tolerant and inclusive towards other races.

“That is why we have been successful in the past 12 elections. Although we experienced what is described as the political tsunami of 2008, we learned and we realised that if we have committed a mistake we should own up to it, meaning we should do a soul-searching, and this we did.

“We should also be brave in instituting changes in the party and the government does this by presenting its transformation plans to the people and now, we are entering a stage where we should convince the people about all the transformation initiatives which we have implemented and which we are implementing.

“Meaning, our ability to communicate effectively with the people, so that they are able to see that our national transformation agenda is the best for them and for the future of our country,” he said.

Najib said he could see a wind of change in favour of Umno and BN, including in the opposition-led states and hoped the momentum could be intensified.

“Let’s not take for granted that victory is in our hands, this is a no-no. In our minds, we should have the attitude that there is always something that we can do. We should adopt the attitude that ‘I can still do a lot more as long as it is not yet the polling day, and I can still contribute and that I must look at all angles’. All Umno leaders must have this kind of attitude,” he said.

BN members should intensify their effort to explain to the people that the opposition has no capability to administer the country and the states, contrary to what they had been claiming, he said.

“All the promises they make will be left unfulfilled. This is what the Umno machinery should impress upon the people so that in the end they will be able to judge who is right or wrong,” he said.

He said BN members cannot adopt a ‘business as usual’ attitude, especially in the opposition-led states, and they must do something extraordinary in terms of their strategy, commitment, planning and role in the online social media.

“If we want to topple the opposition-led governments in these states, we must strive more than usual. This is my message. We must unite more than usual, only then can we have a better chance of winning,” he said.

Asked about public acceptance of the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), he believed the people responded well and positively to it based on the mood shown during his walkabouts and the meet-the-people programmes.

Hence, in the face of the opposition’s remarks on the BR1M, he said BN members should do what was necessary to convince the people that all these negative elements in term of perception should not be accepted by them.

“I can see that the response given to me and the deputy president, and other leaders, is more positive, but we should also realise that the opposition is very active; they will attack, disparage us and they will try to distract us by questioning whatever programme which we implement and create issues out of a non-issue,” he said.

Najib said among the lies hurled by the opposition to erode public confidence in the government was that the money which was used to finance the BR1M was borrowed from abroad.

He said the government had successfully carried out the BR1M aid because it managed to increase the country’s revenue by RM26 billion in just a matter of one year.

“This is the highest achievement by the government, but this achievement has not been given the due credit, and was not appreciated. Instead, they accuse us of doing something as if we are an irresponsible government.

“They are the ones who promise something which is populist in nature. They are also resorting to making up stories, like an opposition leader who claimed that I’ve met with chiefs of the armed forces to create something unconstitutional in the event that Umno and BN loses.

“It’s a lie of great proportion but they are willing to make this kind of claim so that, if they cannot convince the people, they can at least confuse them. This is the tactic used by the opposition,” he added.

Source : Bernama

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