4th Anniversary of the MH17 tragedy

By Tuesday July 17th, 2018 No Comments

Today is the fourth year anniversary of the MH17 tragedy which took away the lives of 298 passengers and crew of whom 43 of them Malaysians. MH 17 was one of the most testing moments for our nation but, as Malaysians, we showed a united spirit during adversity and offered unrelenting support to those who lost loved ones.

As one of those who lost their lives was a much loved relative of mine, we were impacted on a very personal level too.

At that time, I did my best using all the channels I had to ensure the speedy return of the remains of the victims and negotiated that the black boxes were successfully recovered.

However, nothing can compare to the efforts of Col Mohammad Sakri and his brave team of servicemen who rose to the occasion in time of need.

Let’s all say a prayer for those who perished. They will never be forgotten.

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