The Acre Hewlett-Packard (HP) Global Center

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1.         It gives me great pleasure to be here today to officiate the launching of Hewlett-Packard’s Global Center Campus in Cyberjaya.

2.         I still recall the announcement for this facility 2 years ago in October 2008, when the plans were still on the drawing board. I am most pleased to see the commitment coming through into reality and culminating into this magnificent facility.

3.         Today’s event marks yet another important milestone for Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Malaysia in a partnership which will benefit both in the long run.

4.         On behalf of the Malaysian Government, we are delighted to welcome another significant investment to MSC Malaysia, our National ICT Initiative.

5.         The opening of this 60-acre global campus here in Cyberjaya is significant on many levels.

6.         Firstly, it demonstrates the success of MSC Malaysia as a true Global ICT Hub. Even more importantly, it drives home the fact that Malaysia offers itself as a strong and viable destination for ICT investment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

7.         MSC Malaysia will this year be ending its’ 2nd Phase and I am happy to report that the results are more than satisfactory.

8.         Within the period of 14 years, the Multimedia SuperCorridor initiative has created over 2,500 MSC status companies with a combined contribution of more than RM 35 billion to the country’s GDP. A total of more than 100, 000 high value jobs were created and attracted investments of more than RM 27 billion, of which 60% was from Foreign Direct Investment.

9.         This new facility reinforces MSC Malaysia’s standing once again as a prime location for Shared Services Outsourcing with over 200 companies already calling it home.

10.       Almost 140 foreign and over 60 local companies perform various SSO activities ranging from IT Outsourcing (ITO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in the following sectors:

·         Energy, Chemical and Resources

·         Transportation & Logistics

·         Banking & Finance (specifically in Islamic Finance)

·         Information Technology Services

11.       This is a testament to the strong talent pool and unique advantages that Malaysia offers as an SSO destination and recognized by the AT Kearney study ranking Malaysia as the Top3 most preferred SSO investment destination.

12.       For starters, thanks to our multi-cultural environment, we offer not only multiple language skills but a high value workforce that is able to interact and meet the needs of a wide variety of customers across the globe.

13.       From an infrastructure perspective, MSC Malaysia can more than meet the demands and complexities of global business and most of all, Malaysia offers a strategic location and environment that is safe, stable and business-friendly.

14.       The setting up of MDeC as a one-stop-agency and the MSC 10-point Bill of Guarantees, shows our commitment to building a truly cost competitive eco-system for ICT business.

Ladies and gentlemen,

15.       The HP Global Center Campus which was completed in August 2010 with a capacity of more than 4,000 seats, will host multiple core functions in one location which consist of:

i.        A Global Applications Development and Support Centre;

ii.        A Global Finance Support Centre;

iii.        An Enterprise Contact Center; and

iv.        A state-of-the-art Next-Generation Data Centre for outsourcing services; which is due for completion in 2012.

16.       This is certainly a noteable milestone in HP’s presence in this country. HP has over 30 years of history operating in Malaysia. It started with the manufacturing operations in Penang in the late 1970s’ and then expanded to being a large technology solutions provider with multiple offices, distribution and service centers across the country.

17.      With the addition of the Global Centre Campus in Cyberjaya, I am heartened by HP’s continued commitment to the country. Not only because it demonstrates Malaysia’s attractiveness and competitiveness as a global ICT hub, but because of the fabulous opportunity that a facility like this will bring in terms of knowledge sharing and technology transfer.

Ladies and gentlemen,

18.      As a country, we have set some ambitious targets in achieving our goal of becoming a high-income developed nation status by 2020. The role of ICT is seen as a key enabler in our journey to transform this country.

19.      The Economic Transformation Programme, which was announced last month, is set to serve as a catalyst to drive Malaysia and ensure that we accelerate towards a high-income economy within the next 10-year period.

20.      It is no surprise that 85 out of the 131 identified Entry Point Projects (EPP) from the ETP is driven or enabled by ICT.

21.      It is our belief that to achieve these lofty goals, we must be bold enough to break with convention and ultimately strive towards creating an Innovative Digital Economy.

22.      An Innovative Digital Economy stimulates human creativity with new technologies, outlets and opportunities. This leads to innovation in products, services and processes which improves productivity for individuals and businesses while boosting their competitiveness in the global economy.

23.      A well-planned and successfully executed digital strategy will be a must to ensure that Malaysia is able to compete and excel on the global front.

24.      As such, I have tasked MDeC with the responsibility of implementing 6 approved recommendations, as MSC Malaysia enters its 3rd Phase;

i.       Developing the architecture for a National Innovative Digital Economy Framework;

ii.       The infusion of technology across all economic sectors in driving Innovation and Productivity;

iii.       Acculturation of the digital transformation throughout the entire Government machinery;

iv.       Making Malaysia a vibrant hub for the creation of ICT solutions;

v.       The pervasive use of ICT to increase the quality of life across all communities; and

vi.       ICT empowerment as a source of national competitiveness.

25.       In addition, the development of industry ready human capital continues to be a prime focus and efforts will be intensified to improve the quality and skills set with increased Industry-Academia programs.

26.       An economy such as this will also mean that public-private partnerships is the way forward. The private sector takes a leading role and the government acts as a catalyst by providing the right enablers like world class infrastructure, a stable and business-friendly environment and sound business policies. To this effect, today’s launch fits in perfectly with our model.

Ladies and gentlemen,

27.       I am proud to see that today’s unveiling of the 60-acre HP Global Center Campus signifies the continuous confidence of Multinationals in making large strategic investments in Malaysia.

28.       I wish to thank HP once again for inviting me to be part of this momentous occasion. I am excited to welcome the presence of HP, the world’s largest technology company, here in Cyberjaya.

29.       I wish you the best and look forward to HP’s positive contribution towards the nation’s aspiration to be a high income economy and a developed nation status by 2020.

Thank you.

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