I am entitled to my freedom until my trial is completed

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My record as a politician proves that I am a democrat. I believe in the impartial process and integrity of our Courts, our civil service and our criminal justice system.

I conceded defeat after the elections and did not intervene in the elections. The peaceful transition of power to the current government is proof of this.

I have never resisted or intervened in any inquiry. The record shows that I have provided and continue to provide my full cooperation with the authorities in the conduct of their respective investigations

However, certain parties continue to engage in mudslinging politics. Allegations have been made about me and the manner how I administered my cabinet, reputations has been sullied but common sense and rational thinking dictates that these are mere unsubstantiated narratives – simply because there is no evidence to support this.

Like you, I am an ordinary citizen of this nation subjected to certain presumptions of the law which is the presumption of innocence, guaranteed access to justice and a right to a fair and just trial.

I respect that the rakyat has chosen and has given a mandate to a new government. that promises to move to a greater democracy. I too hold the Government of the day to their promise.

As you would know, I was detained last Tuesday and was charged on Wednesday/ Bail was granted by the courts on the same day for a large hefty sum of RM 1 Million Ringgit in two installments.

My two Children stood surety for me and complied with the court orders. As of Monday, thanks to enormous support from family, friends and supporters, I have complied with the bail condition set by the Honourable Courts.

Many are aware that all my children and grandchildren’s bank accounts were frozen without notice immediately after the first installment of bail was posted on Wednesday,

Why should my children be subjected to such treatments when they are not a party to any transactions and have never received any contracts or done business with the government?

However, many may not know that my personal bank account which I have maintained for years was also frozen last week too.

This bank account had no other transactions as it was used to only receive my salaries as a Member of Parliament and my pension as the Menteri Besar of Pahang from my decades of serving the government at the state and federal level.

As of this morning, I was made to understand that my children’s account have now been unfrozen proving that the initial order to freeze their accounts were without basis.

However my personal account remains frozen. This account has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with matters relating to the investigation conducted with the authorities.

I only realized my account was frozen when my personal cheque issued for the payment of my daughters medical treatment bounced.

The undue conduct of the relevant agency and the timing of the freezing of my account is uncalled for. I am dismayed at the conduct, the timing and exercise of such draconian actions by the Government of the day.

Why is my personal liberty been circumvented when the court had already granted me bail pending trial and the fact that I have complied with my bail conditions?

Some have speculated to me that due to the timing of the freezing, this might be to circumvent or frustrate the order of the court for me raising bail, If taken in its entirety, it seems to allude to mala fide.

The Authorities need to realise that I as an ordinary citizen too. As the head of my household, I too have bills to pay, medical bills to attend to and a household to run. The authorities freezing my bank account has caused me hardship and difficulties in performing this role.

Like any other citizen I deserve to be given access to my personal freedom until my trial is completed. I am pleading with all concerned to stick to the rules of a fair and impartial investigation.

If we do not respect the rule of law, rules of Natural Justice and the Federal Constitution, we would eventually become a failed state.

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