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Prime Minister's Message For Wesak Day 2012 - Najib Razak
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Prime Minister’s Message For Wesak Day 2012

By Friday May 4th, 2012 No Comments

Living in Malaysia, I have enjoyed the large diversity our country has to offer. Each religion celebrates a variety of customs, all of which advocate good values like kindness and respect. As we draw closer to the eve of Wesak Day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Malaysian Buddhists a happy and meaningful Wesak Day.

As of 2010, Buddhists make up 19.8% of the Malaysian population. All over the country, devotees celebrate the birth, enlightenment and achievement of nirvana of Gautama Buddha, offering prayers and to participate in beautiful processions. The symbolic pouring of water over the Prince Siddhārtha statue by practitioners will also be carried out in temples all over the country.

Regardless of race, ethnicity or background, we are all bound by the same positive values through the various religions that we follow. As long as we continue building the foundations of understanding based on these common principles, we can avoid conflict and continue to flourish as a multi religious community to benefit the needs of all.

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