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Dentistry With a Difference

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For many of us, visits to the dentist often invoke feelings of extreme anxiety. To make a difference, Patang Saharing decided to establish a dental practice that incorporates an atmosphere of relaxation. “Dental Spa was created to push for a culture of dental care as well as to remove the stigma of trauma and fear associated with dental clinics. More often than not, this is due to the rather clinical atmosphere of most clinics and at times, the rudimentary setting of rural clinics.”

“When patients are calmer, it becomes easier to administer treatment, making their visits to the dentist more therapeutic.”

The positive image of dental practice spearheaded by Dental Spa has been a resounding success, evident in the increasing number of patients in his clinic. Hence, Patang plans to develop a chain of Dental Spa in Sabah and eventually, the whole of Malaysia.

“Tawau currently has only eight dental clinics including government clinics, servicing a population of more than 400,000 people and we are not able to meet the growing demand for dental care.”

“For Dental Spa itself, every day we are forced to turn away up to nine patients because we are not just not able to cope.”

Patang attributes his success to TERAJU’s SUPERB programme, which provided valuable experience and introduced him to like-minded innovative entrepreneurs, trainers and mentors who inspired him.

“SUPERB not only helped me to prepare for opportunities out there but also to be more discerning. The emphasis placed on quality in self, service and products offered has helped create the extremely confident entrepreneur that I am today.”

In 2015, as a result of increasing demand and market prominence, Patang moved Dental Spa to a much bigger premise and upgraded its equipment and machines, as part of his expansion plan. “I am looking to creating a more conducive environment for my staff to enable them to face challenges that come with the expansion of this business.

Source: National Transformation Programme Annual Report 2015

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