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(Kenyataan ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris kerana Lim Kit Siang menuduh kononnya saya tidak faham kenyataan beliau dalam Bahasa Inggeris)

Lim Kit Siang has denied that he had tried to link Islam with kleptocracy and accuses me of not understanding his statement.

Of course he will deny.

Here is a screenshot of his statement which was posted on DAP’s official website and on his own blog.

The headline he used on both is this:

“Sungai Kandis by-election a crucial test whether Najib has succeeded in equating Islam with kleptocracy in Malaysia.”

The headline clearly shows that Kit Siang has tried to link Islam with kleptocracy. What he is saying is that if BN wins the by-election, it means that Islam is equal to kleptocracy.

On the other hand, Kit Siang also clearly implied that Islam is not equal to kleptocracy only if PH wins the by-election.

If this is not what he means then what does he mean by making this link? Was there even a need for him to make such a link out of the blue in the first place?

I do not wish to prolong this issue any more as BN has been focused on running a clean, healthy and peaceful campaigning where, unlike others, we do not have to resort to bribing voters with free durian or illegally using school facilities for campaigning however, Kit Siang’s ridiculous attempt to link Islam with kleptocracy is very regrettable.

Despite such clear evidence of Kit Siang’s intent, his claim that he did not make this link or that I do not understand his statement is merely his attempt to “baling batu, sembunyi tangan”.

Kit Siang should just apologize and no longer attempt to make such a link to Islam or to any religion that is not his own.

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