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Parents Appreciates BKAP1M Assistance

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As a beneficiary of the BKAP1M initiative, mother Alliene Ong is quite appreciative of the Government’s efforts to cushion the impact of school necessities on her budget.

“I have a daughter who is 16 years old this year. She is in Form Four, and has been receiving the BKAP1M assistance for the past three years now. The RM100 that the Government hands out at the start of every year has been quite helpful in terms of preparing for her studies,” she elaborates.

Alliene uses the RM100 from BKAP1M to buy her daughter’s school stationeries. “With my limited monthly household income and other expenses to budget for, BKAP1M has helped to somewhat reduce the financial stress during the beginning of the year caused by all the school expenses,” she says.

“However, with the rising cost of goods presently, for its true impact to be really felt, I suggest that the aid amount per student should be raised to RM300 per year. Still, any aid is better than none, and I am not personally aware of any other country that has such an initiative in place, so I gratefully accept the BKAP1M aid, and am thankful that the government provides such assistance to the people who need it most.”

Alliene believes that the government’s move in giving this aid to the rakyat, as well as other COL NKRA initiatives, demonstrates its commitment to lighten the rakyat’s burden. “Although the KR1M, for example, is out of my way so I do not shop there so frequently, the concept is still a good one,” she explains

Source: National Transformation Programme Annual Report 2015

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