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Blog readers want cash and tax cuts - Najib Razak

Blog readers want cash and tax cuts

By Tuesday January 27th, 2009 No Comments

PETALING JAYA: The Government has been asked to set up a special task force to compensate victims of the global economic crisis as part of its second stimulus package.

There are also requests for the Government to increase consumer spending and cut personal and corporate taxes.

These are among 135 suggestions by Malaysians to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who had asked for ideas on his blog on what should be included in the second stimulus package.

Among other suggestions sent to his blog http://1malaysia.com.my

Abolishing the New Economic Policy and race-based business policies were also suggested.

A respondent, Jorg Sacul, said housing developers should allocate funds for public amenities such as parks, post offices, police stations and offices for local authorities in their projects.

Another reader, Razak, said the second stimulus package should include investments in construction and renewable energy.

“Renewable energy provides the benefits of new jobs, development in poorer states and alternative fuel,” he said.

The public should be allowed to withdraw their Employees Provident Fund savings to buy cars, said Sim, a writer, adding that car loans for civil servants should be increased, while a reduction in excise duties for new cars would generate more domestic consumption.

Respondent Seangin urged the Government to cut electricity tariff for industries that were hardest hit by the economic slump.

“Follow the Singapore government’s move to give cash grants to subsidise company wage bills,” he said.

While Ryan said there were many talented entrepreneurs who needed financial backing and in turn could help provide jobs for thousands of graduates, Rick suggested the repatriation of foreign workers to reduce currency outflow.

Rodzi said money should be given directly to village folks so that they could use it for development projects such as roads.

Consumer items such as cement and steel, he said, should be sold to the people directly without having to go through middlemen to avoid the public from paying inflated prices.

Source : The Star

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