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When people talk about Government policies, they often talk about it in terms of big numbers and abstract concepts. What matters is what they mean on the ground to the rakyat who these policies affect. Have a look at these personal stories from around the country and hear what they have to say.


Puan Rita Hashim Speaks Out

As of today, BR1M has assisted more than 5.2 million households such as Puan Rita Hashim’s in reducing their cost of living. This initiative by the government serves as a stepping stone for the country to achieve high-income status by 2020. Your support is of utmost importance towards ensuring programmes such as BR1M can continue to benefit the rakyat.


Kadir’s Voice (SMC)

Kadir is one of the students given an opportunity to build a brighter future by the government through the various education assistance programmes provided. Embrace your right to vote to ensure that such opportunities can continue to benefit all Malaysians.


Ahmad Omar’s Story

The e-Kasih programme continues to assist those living in poverty, including providing training and equipment for people such as Mr. Ahmad Omar to be independent. These efforts can only be carried on and developed further with your faith in the Malaysian government.


A World Class Paralympic Speaks Out

In our efforts to make Malaysia a peaceful and prosperous country, all Malaysians including Mr. Mariappan will not be marginalized but would instead continue to be given opportunities to maximise their abilities. This is why the government has introduced various initiatives, including the construction of an exclusive Sports Complex in Kampung Pandan to produce more world-class Paralympic athletes such as Mariappan.


Mr Tee Kok Leong’s Voice

Mr. Tee Kok Leong and his wife has benefited from the various grants and initiatives given by the government for the disabled (OKU). These efforts are part of the 10th Malaysia Plan to help the disabled to integrate into society by training them to be independent, productive and to ultimately become valued contributors to the country’s development.


Sabah Speaks Out

A total of RM400 million has been allocated this year for the 1Azam programme in an effort to eradicate poverty and improve the lives of many Malaysians like Jonathan Tom. Many programmes such as this will be launched in the future, but only if you continue to have faith in the government the and give us the opportunity to do so.


Encik Abdul Jalil’s Voice

1Malaysia Mobile Clinics travel around offering help and medication to those who are unable to leave home to seek medical help like Mr. Abdul Jalil throughout the country. This programme is one of government’s initiatives towards ensuring the good health of all Malaysians in both urban and rural areas. All of this would not have been possible without your trust in the government.


Puan Amy Koh (Malacca) Speaks Out

Mrs. Amy Koh loves Malaysia and wants this country to remain peaceful and harmonious. Join her in exercising her right and responsibility to vote, for the sake of your future.


Puan Rozita Speaks Out

As of today, a total of 85 Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) have been in operation in Malaysia, located especially in areas of high-cost. This programme aims to reduce the burden on low-income earners like Mrs. Rozita by selling daily necessities with prices up to 40% cheaper than regular prices.


Siti Speaks Out

Voting is our right and responsibility as a Malaysian. It has been a democratic practice this country has undertaken since independence. Please exercise your right to vote as the country’s future lies in our hands.

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