#BAJET2015 Thank You For Your Participation

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Thank you for participating in the #Bajet2015 online discussion.

This is the sixth year that the government has welcomed your suggestions on how to grow our economy and raise living standards for the rakyat, and once again I am very pleased with the breadth and quality of the ideas submitted from all over Malaysia. If you haven’t already, please visit – – to read some of the submissions.

I have always maintained that the era of ‘government knows best’ is over. Your ideas, your concerns and your needs will be considered when drawing up an inclusive, balanced and fiscally responsible 2015 budget. The contributions we have already received show Malaysians – young and old – working with the government to develop inclusive policies that benefit everyone. If we remain unified as one, we can achieve our shared goals.

We are on the brink of becoming a high-income nation. Our economy continues to show tremendous growth and our living standards are rising. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be bumps along the road. But if we work together, we can achieve not just a high-income economy, but a high quality economy – one where everyone shares the benefits of economic growth.

Once again, thank you for your recommendations. Insya-Allah, on the 10th of October, 2014, I will be tabling #Bajet2015 in the Dewan Rakyat. The 2014 Annual Economic Report will also be presented on the same day as #Bajet2015 and in view of our economic growth statistics for the first half of 2014, the year-end report looks very promising. I believe that with your help, #Bajet2015 will continue to spur growth, improve our fiscal position, and raise living standards for the rakyat.

Najib Razak

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