As we continue to work hard to build a better Malaysia, our healthcare…

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As we continue to work hard to build a better Malaysia, our healthcare industry has recorded strong growth over the last decade, driven primarily by local consumption of healthcare products and services. Under the government’s Economic Transformation Programme, growing our healthcare industry is a vital National Key Economic Area in our focus to ensure that the rakyat has accessibility to quality yet affordable medical care. I strongly encourage government and private sector healthcare provider collaboration to offer an even more comprehensive range of health and medical products and services. To date, 37 project owners are expected to create 26,628 new jobs and generate an income of RM6.66 billion as well as RM4.86 billion worth of new investments.

A total of 17 Entry Point Projects (EPPs) were identified to help meet the goals of the Healthcare NKEA. Of the 37 projects, 12 have already been completed and the rest in various stages of development, to bring the progress of Healthcare NKEA at 14.7 per cent against 181,000 jobs, 18.9 per cent against its target of 35.3 billion GNI, and 28.2 per cent against 17.2 billion investments according to the 2020.

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