An offline breakfast with my online followers

By Wednesday May 16th, 2012 No Comments

On Saturday I had the privilege to meet with some of my Twitter friends at the Chawan restaurant in Bangsar. It was a fine morning and the casual breakfast setting was delightful and relaxed.

We discussed all sorts of things over nasi lemak, ubi kayu rebus and telur separuh masak. We talked about Malaysia, football, and food – including how ubi kayu became a staple food during the Japanese occupation. My breakfast companions had all the best traits of the upcoming generation of Malaysians, with their sense of optimism and their determination to make the most of the peace and prosperity we enjoy in our country.

A special guest I was particularly pleased to meet was 15 year old student Mr Anwaruddin from Hartamas – my 500,000th Twitter follower. He shared with me his passion for mountain biking, and asked me how I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I told him that I have a fitness regime that I apply, and I even do some exercises when travelling, including during my flights! It was encouraging to hear how important sports is to his life – I hope that this passion is shared by many of his fellow students.

Overall it was a pleasurable meet up and I am looking forward to engage further with my social media friends – be it online or offline. It was particularly significant for me as I hit 1 million Facebook “likes” two days before the breakfast. I would like to thank the over 500,000 followers on Twitter and 1 million Facebook users for helping to make this possible. As someone who values social media engagement as an important way to connect with the rakyat, I’m truly grateful for your continued support and feedback. If you have any ideas for future initiatives like this I would be very happy to hear them either in the blog comments or on Twitter and Facebook.

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