All costs of returning the Malaysian students in Egypt would be borne by the government

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“Do not spread slander that the government is neglecting his responsibility to bring the students home just to gain political support.

“The government has responsibilities toward students who need help and have been trying to get them out of Egypt,” said Prime Minister.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the government had allocated RM20 million to ensure that all students involved be brought home safely in the near future.

“This is not about politics but it involves the welfare of our students in Egypt to be carried out. All costs will be borne by the government. We have had discussions relating toLembaga Tabung Haji, Malaysia Airline System and AirAsia for this purpose.

“At the same time the government has to get permission to use the airspace of Saudi Arabia and the temporary place for students in Jeddah before fly back to Kuala Lumpur,” he said here today.

The first flight from Jeddah to bring home some 400 Malaysian students in Egypt will arrive in the country this Monday morning with Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, Datuk Shahlan Ismail said after the flight had to be delayed due to technical problems, MAS aircraft is expected to arrive about 9 am in Malaysia.

He said other students also will be brought back to Malaysia in stages with the MAS compared with the initial design of the ships of the Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN).

“We at MAS to service … they will provide a larger aircraft to accommodate the number of students,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Shahlan said that so far a total of 4.914 students have successfully moved to Jeddah from Cairo.

Today, a total of eight aircraft, two MAS aircraft, three C130 aircraft Charlie Tiger Force and three aircraft will be used to bring students from Cairo to Jeddah.

Source : Allvoices

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