Act on LID Outcome Document to deepen M’sia-Africa linkages, says Najib

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PUTRAJAYA, June 21 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed the hope that African countries will take the necessary steps to implement measures contained in the “Outcome Document” particularly in embracing transformation plus stepping up trade and investment with Malaysia.

What was important at the end of the day was its implementation, so that the smart partnership concept agreed to by leaders could be realised, he said in his closing plenary speech at the end of the three-day Langkawi International Dialogue 2011 here.

“Transform your communities and nations and God willing, the people will have continued confidence in you,” he said.

Among other things, leaders in the “Outcome Document” entitled, “The Way Forward” agreed that steps would be taken to promote technology-driven smart partnership cooperation to address socio-economic disparity and increase productivity and income.

Besides this, leaders agreed there would be initiatives to enhance and facilitate specialisation and internalisation of research and development within governments to nurture knowledge and innovation-based economies.

Najib said “LID 2011 was not about changes alone but more than that, it is a landmark dialogue.”

While win-win situations, mutual benefits, a more equitable relationship, being transparent and honest were good values associated with LID and smart partnership, he said “these needed to be linked with results, achievements and with actions.”

“Therefore, we decided to link with the need to transform our communities, nations and together, using smart partnership as a tool, to transform and achieve our long-term vision,” he said.

While pointing out that Langkawi LID is a brand name and that the dialogue can be held anywhere, in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur or even Kota Kinabalu, Najib said the place was irrelevant as the end of the day, it was all about producing results.

The issue of poverty was discussed, he said adding that Malaysia was on the brink of eradicating hardcore poverty and that was transformation.

“Malaysia has shown the way that poverty is not a curse to live with until doomsday,” he said.

“Transforming Africa from a food deficit continent to a food surplus continent is a transformation, changing from agro to agro business, that is transformation, evolving from poor governance to good governance.”

He said in the journey towards transformation, what mattered most was to produce quick and fast results and to be bold.

Najib said countries could gain a lot by networking as the process of smart partnerships was about developing personal relations.

“I did not know many of you on a personal basis before this dialogue, but after being together for three days, you are my friends and I know you much better.

“You must develop this relationship, you must develop the trust in us because the relationship is enduring only if we predicate it on trust (and) that is one of the values of smart partnership,” he aaded.

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