A Successful Saturday

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With the opening of a new Parliament session this week, I had not been able to sit and reflect earlier upon last Saturday’s tea. Now that I can, my family and I would like to thank those of you who attended the event at my residence in Seri Perdana with your support for and deep interest in the 1Malaysia concept. Although we arrived at the event knowing little about each other, I hope many among you left with the intention of adding each other as online friends.

It was an afternoon of many firsts: I met my online friends formally for the first time, and hosted a tea of this kind at Seri Perdana for what I hope to be the first of many more tea and dialogue sessions with you. As I said, I would have loved to invite every one of my online friends, but to do so, it would have to take place at a large stadium!

Some of you were able to ask me questions, both about my personal interests and in my capacity as the Prime Minister. Despite the constraints of time, I am pleased to be able to respond at length to a number of you. As for those of you with unanswered questions, I will do my best to respond to them in my blog or as a video blog in due time. In the meantime, I hope you are able to share your Saturday experience with your friends and family, online and otherwise. Do encourage them to participate in this important nationwide dialogue as well.

To the thousands of my friends out there whom I have yet to meet, I hope to be able to do so, whether during one of the tea sessions, or on my trips around Malaysia. More developments will be announced on my website and on Facebook. I look forward to more wonderful interactions with you.

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