8 Values of 1Malaysia – Part 8: Integrity

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Over the past month since I entered office, I have been introducing through my blog a set of values which I believe are fundamental in shaping us into formidable Malaysians befitting the 1 Malaysia vision. Integrity completes this set of eight values, and is a key tool in ensuring promises are kept and principles are upheld. Once we are able to deliver what is promised and be more transparent and open with others, we will have built a solid foundation for trust.

I believe that all 8 Values of 1Malaysia – A Culture of Excellence, Perseverance, Humility, Acceptance, Loyalty, Meritocracy, Education, and Integrity – are paramount in our collective efforts to add value to Malaysia as a developing nation. No one single Value can be imbued without the other in order for 1Malaysia to truly take shape. While these Values have long been taught in our culture, the application of these Values must be renewed. I urge all Malaysians to inculcate and cultivate these Values in our daily practices and actions not just amongst close friends and family, but in the workplace and our community at large.

For more on Integrity, watch the video here, or read the transcript below.


It is important for any government to have the trust and the confidence of the rakyat. I think one of the best ways to get this trust and confidence is to be honest with the people. Tell them the truth. If you’ve done well, tell them their policies are right. If the policies are not working, then you should have the courage to tell them that look, we’ve made mistakes but we intend to do better, we intend to correct these mistakes. And I think the rakyat would appreciate that. Although you are in the government, you are only human, and humans do make mistakes. The key is not that you will make mistakes, but how you recover from your mistakes. Hopefully mistakes will be few, but most of the decisions will be correct and the decisions will be spot-on. But there will be times when, because of changing circumstances you suddenly realize that your policies or your decisions are not quite correct. But once you realize that they’re not quite correct, then be honest about it and tell people.
You must tell the truth and trust the people. That the people are intelligent, that the people will appreciate honesty and truthfulness and engage and communicate with the rakyat. Over a period, certainly you will be able to develop that faith and trust with the people. Above all, keep your word. If you promise, you must deliver. One of the things that can undermine this faith and loyalty is if you break your promise. If you promise something, you must stick to your promise and you must deliver your promise.

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