52nd National Day Address

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ON 30 AUGUST 2009 (SUNDAY), 9 PM


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan salam 1Malaysia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. Alhamdulillah, firstly let us all give thanks to Allah S.W.T for His blessings that tomorrow we will celebrate our 52nd independence day with the theme 1Malaysia People First Performance Now.

2. Fifty two years ago, a group of national patriots led by YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-haj successfully gained this country its independence after nearly five centuries under colonial rule. 3. The post-independent period saw the task and responsibility of determining the direction of this great land once held by colonists pass into the hands of its native sons.

4. With a new government bearing limited administrative experience, amidst the still-unabated communist upheavals, a socio-economic imbalance grew and spread, reinforced by the multi-ethnicity of a young nation, hence many predicted a pending demise of Malaya. 5. Despite the predictions, we have proven the sceptics wrong. In the five decades of our independence we have emerged among the leaders of the developing nations. We became the first country in the world to defeat the communist uprising and brought social justice through a sense of equal ownership within a short period of a mere two generations. Ladies and Gentlemen,

6. What is this secret formula that drives our success? Certainly and undoubtedly, it is unity amongst our people of various ethnicity and beliefs, based upon a philosophy that celebrates diversity as a source of strength, rather than a point of discord that causes disunity.

7. Sadly, the passing of time has witnessed the bridge painstakingly built by our forefathers now shaken by certain quarters that attempt to disrupt the peace. They have exploited the fine lines that exist in a multi-ethnic society, be it political, religious or social in nature, to serve their own warped agenda.

8. At this crossroads, the biggest challenge facing Malaysians is to restore this bridge and demolish the walls that separate us. At its core, we must continue to manage success, building upon what we have achieved by cultivating the principles we have long nurtured. Let us remember that what we now enjoy might not become better, instead it could deteriorate if neglected. The proof is in the world’s history, where success poorly managed ends in failure.

9. It is true that success does not come easy. Hence, I must remind everyone especially the younger generation that the good fortune we enjoy today did not come without careful planning, efficient implementation and great sacrifice.

10. This success is the result of the great struggles, blood, sweat and tears of our heroes whether sung of or not. It was built by our ancestors. It was defended by our security forces who were ready to give up their lives. It was nurtured by scholars and educators who strove regularly in classrooms and lecture halls. It was enhanced by heroes of the private sector, corporate heroes, hawkers and small entrepreneurs who tirelessly worked for prosperity. Finally, it was catalysed by the dedicated public servants.

11. Clearly, the success and prosperity of Malaysia all this while grew and developed out of the contribution and support of people of all races, all religious beliefs, all walks of life, whether in rural or urban areas, whether the haves or have-nots, old or young. Therefore, I wish to reaffirm that every one of us is given equal opportunity under the Malaysian sky. The only barrier to our individual achievement is the will to succeed, the willingness to work hard, and the courage to take risks. Ladies and Gentlemen,

12. Above all else, for over five decades Malaysia has faced numerous milestones. All of them were met for better or for worse with a united spirit.

13. Beginning from the bitter chapter of the Bintang Tiga brutality, the monumental need to create meaning to our independence which was gained without bloodshed, through socioeconomic bias, ethnic discord on 13 May ’69, the economic downturn of the 80s and the Asian economic crisis at the end of the 90s. All of these were confronted and all of these we survived. Clearly regardless of our achievements, we cannot afford to rest upon our laurels without striving for more success.

14. With that in mind, in order to ensure a better tomorrow the government has introduced more effective policies that will propel us forward towards becoming a developed nation. At the beginning of my administration I had initiated the 1Malaysia concept based upon the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara as the foundation for the government’s goals. We do not stop at setting a mission statement, instead we have constructed concrete initiatives. Starting with efforts to overhaul the public service delivery system, promoting the public welfare agenda as a government priority leads to efforts to stimulate the national economy so that continuous prosperity can be enjoyed by the country and its people.

15. In closing, let us reignite the spirit of patriotism by dedicating our efforts unequivocally in the name of 1Malaysia. Let us realise a more prosperous and peaceful future for all Malaysians. Let us ensure the hallowed banner of our Jalur Gemilang flies proud in the eyes of the world. Together, let us pray for this noble journey to continue, blessed and guided by God.

Wabillahi Taufiq Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuh. Thank You.

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